Social Media Marketing

The other day, whilst doing a spot of random searching in Google for various keyword phrases related to our business (it was a light day in the office) I came across an interesting blog based web site from a fellow called Peer Lawther who markets himself under the guise of �Rubber Genius�.

What Peer seems to specialize in is �social media� or �online social media marketing and promotional services�. For the uninitiated, this basically means adopting the concepts of the various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and My Space etc as a means of directly promoting a specific business, product or service or even raising awareness of one�s own personal brand. It�s growing area within the online digital marketing sector to be fair and there�s undoubtedly some value in it for certain types companies that have identified �social media marketing� as a promotional channel.

Anyway, that aside; what makes Peer�s article interesting is that he talks about the various digital media marketing agencies in and around Leeds and how the city is growing as a media hub in the North of England. (We�re not listed on his site yet � but give it time!)

As he continues to write, Peer sets down a challenge in which he basically invites any Leeds based digital marketing and social media marketing company (or those within a 15 mile radius of Leeds) to be listed on his site.

Now, as any search engine marketing consultant who knows his onions, will tell you ; good quality in bound links to a web site are perceived as �good votes� by the boys at Google. This in turns helps boost back-link popularity which in turn helps boost a particular site within Google�s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Having read the pages across Peer�s site, I think we�d like to have a link from his site to ours as his site is relevant to the subject matter of ours (which is an important factor to consider).

However, he sets out some conditions. The specific digital marketing or social media marketing company based in or around Leeds, must already be listed highly in Google for the following keyword phrases

�online marketing Leeds�, �online advertising Leeds�, �Leeds ppc�, �Leeds seo� or �social media Leeds�

At this moment in time, we�re no where to be seen in Google�s SERPS for these phrases and whilst we�d agree that a few of these keyword phrases such as �online marketing Leeds� may be a phrase that some �switched on� clients may use as search phrases when trying to find a company that will help market their business online; we�d argue that the other terms are phrases that only people who are in the industry would use. As far as we�re concerned, that�s not the sort of traffic we want to attract.

Many of our clients, both big and small; consider terminology such as �SEO� or �Social Media� to be too technical and not part of their everyday speech. In other words, it�s not a term they would use when searching for a companies such as ours and our competitors, namely the ones Peer talks about in the Leeds digital and social media sector. As such, in our mind; there�s no point in attempting to get listed highly in Google�s SERPS for these phrases.

However, having said that; we�re always up for a challenge and given that we�d like a link from Peer�s page, we�ll make it our mission to get listed in the top 20 listing results of Google for at least 3 of the above phrases and others related to online social media marketing.

If nothing else it is a good test of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEP (Search Engine Promotion) skills.

Reserve us some space on your page Peer; chocks away; here we come!

Promotion Through Social Media Marketing

Social networking applications are getting their way to everyone�s heart. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are only few of dozens of these types of social networking applications available today. To gather enough visitors to websites or promote online services and products, webmasters and entrepreneur take advantage of these free applications. Social Media Marketing is a collective term for promotions being done through these applications.

How are they taking advantage of it? First of all, most of these applications are free. This allows anyone to open an account and be part of the network in an instant. Now for entrepreneurs and webmasters, they join these networks and start promoting their products. They create signatures and offer help to other members of the network for free. What they get in return is recognition for their organization. It�s the fastest and easiest way to promote something without spending.

Why should you choose social media marketing to promote? There are several reasons why it is better to use these applications to promote your products or services. Let�s elaborate some good reasons:

1. It is free. As mentioned earlier, most social media applications are free. No need to pay for promotions done except when a company desires to have an exclusive portion of the page. The rest is free (e.g. posting, comments, response) which is a cost effective approach.

2. Hitting the right market. Forums and blogs are targeted to specific group of individual who are passionate with the theme. A webmaster promoting his technology related website will find possible clients and buyers by joining forums related to technology. No need to broadcast to a wider audience whom are not interested with the product, but directly to the ones interested.

3. Free Videos. Social media applications such as Youtube can offer a company free advertisements through video. The best way to market your product is by providing videos. Customers are encouraged to purchase a product when they see some images of it that can captivate them.

4. Discussions and Testimonials. Satisfied customers are taking advantage of these social media applications by providing a company with good reviews, testimonials, and sometimes discussions about the company. This is one way of promoting your products and services with the support of satisfied customers. New possible clients who can read those posted testimonials will build confidence with the company.

5. Affiliate Programs. Most users of these social media applications are getting something in return. They incorporate some affiliate programs to there personal space to show visitors updates of products and earn when visitors check it.

These are just some of the reasons why social media marketing is a good solution when looking for an alternative advertisement. It�s cost effective and will surely hit vast number of audience. Since the Internet runs throughout the globe, possible clients are unlimited.

The Various Aspects Of Social Media Marketing

The various aspects of social media marketing

Social media marketing is helpful for boosting the business of an individual or site by means of social media channels. This marketing enables a site owner to get attention, traffic and links. This is quite effective for drawing the target audience to a web based business. However, not many people are aware about its worth and fail to utilize its full potential.

There are various benefits of social media marketing. The main advantage is the low costs. It can replace the need of conventional advertising and marketing for a business. The business owners who adopt this technique for promoting their business can save a lot on marketing expenses. This money can be put to other accounts of the business.

As a matter of fact, social media marketing helps a business owner to spread knowledge about his product in a fast and better manner. The end users get to know about the products and they in turn popularize the product indirectly. Hence this is a mode of socializing which brings profitable results for a business. A business owner can also choose to carry on Social media marketing with traditional marketing campaigns.

This is helpful for those people who want to earn money online. The article marketing services make use of search engine optimization techniques to put the client�s articles in the front page of popular search engine results. Nowadays many people are outsourcing their work to article marketing service providers. These companies make use of Keywords and Link Building to increase the search engine friendliness of the client site.

The backlinks are effective for increasing site traffic for an online business owner. They are also known as inbound or incoming links. The search engines rate a site on the use of backlinks. In fact, the popular search engines will give more priority to a site that has more number of backlinks over those that have fewer links. Hence the site with maximum number of effective backlinks will be placed at the top in the search results.

One needs to keep in mind that the present generation search engines have evolved and they have become more sophisticated and dynamic in nature. Hence a site owner who wants to boost his business revenue should not sit content with his old backlinks. A site owner also needs to remember that his site should have links with those sites that have similarity in nature and content. For instance, a site that deals with fine arts or sculpture should not have backlinks with a site that promotes gambling or race.

The search engines not only take in to account the backlinks that a business owner has set for his site. On the contrary, they evaluate those backlinks that act as inbound links for other sites. If a person wants to implement SEO for giving a boost to his business then he should search the web for finding a suitable SEO service provider.

Five Social Media Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic

According to Wikipedia Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.

This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and “building” of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories, and understandings.

Social Media Marketing on the other hand is the use of this combined technology and social interaction to promote a product or service or website online. There are many social media available to use as tools in your Social Media Marketing strategy. These include but are not limited to forums, message boards, podcasts, video and weblogs.

There are also social media services available through which you can promote your website such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, to name but a few. These sites provide the medium to promote the media and Internet Marketers use both in combination to develop a Social Media Marketing strategy.

I believe the foundation of any social media marketing plan should begin with a Blog. The Internet Marketer should create a Blog to drive traffic and direct this traffic to the product or service being promoted. The Blog owner should also comment on other Blogs in order to attract traffic to his or her Blog.

Another good technique for driving traffic is Internet Forums. This is a good way to establish your reputation by submitting quality content which is of some service to the reader. This will encourage people to reciprocate and visit your website or Blog to check out your content.

A third Social Media Marketing technique which is a good way to create a buzz online and therefore generate word of mouth is video. Create a video promoting a product which may be coming soon and distribute it to the various video sharing sites such as YouTube. This should contribute to increased traffic to your website and therefore increased sales.

Video can be utilized in many different ways. For example: to make people laugh, to demonstrate how a product works, to illustrate how to do something or to conduct a product review. Video attracts people’s attention and leaves an impression and this is why it is the wave of the future for Internet Marketing.

A fourth technique which you can use to get your message across is social networking. You can accomplish this by joining some of the social sites available such as Facebook and MySpace.

However anyone using these sites as promotion tools should be careful to follow the rules and not spam or promote excessively. Treat these sites with respect and use them as they are intended and the traffic will still materialize.

Finally, audio is another social marketing technique which can be implemented. Create an e-book for example and distribute it to the various audio sharing sites such as Soundboard. Or if you have a talent share it with the rest of the web through audio and your traffic should increase exponentially.

These are five techniques any Internet marketer can implement into their Social Media Marketing plan, but there are many more available to choose from.

The point being you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with so many methods that you cannot do justice to any of them in terms of the time involved. As with any plan choose the ones you enjoy most and you will achieve your goal of increased Social Media traffic.